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Experiences: Term Tests

Hello guys! I want to share with you my experience with term tests. Most of you already know me, but those who don't I hope this description helps you to know me better. 
Well, you should know that I go through different stages. 
Firstly, I go through the "I still have time" period. Whenever a teacher tells us the date of the exam I tell myself "I have like two months to prepare myself for the exam".
Secondly, I go through the "denial" process. I start looking for excuses so as to avoid my resposabilities. I know I have to study a lot. That's why, I start doing other things. Maybe one day I wake up and realize how fond I am of chinese literature ahhaha. 
Thirdly, I go through "I hate my life" period. I usually get angry with myself because I never do things in the right time. 
Fourthly, I go through the "I will quit this subject" period. At this moment, my self steem is very low. I repeat myself over and over again that I'…



Social Justice

Guys! How are you doing? I've found this seminar on facebook and I really like it. However, I'd like to know your thoughts.