Experiences: Term Tests

Hello guys! I want to share with you my experience with term tests. Most of you already know me, but those who don't I hope this description helps you to know me better. 

Well, you should know that I go through different stages. 

Firstly, I go through the "I still have time" period. Whenever a teacher tells us the date of the exam I tell myself "I have like two months to prepare myself for the exam".

Secondly, I go through the "denial" process. I start looking for excuses so as to avoid my resposabilities. I know I have to study a lot. That's why, I start doing other things. Maybe one day I wake up and realize how fond I am of chinese literature ahhaha. 

Thirdly, I go through "I hate my life" period. I usually get angry with myself because I never do things in the right time. 

Fourthly, I go through the "I will quit this subject" period. At this moment, my self steem is very low. I repeat myself over and over again that I'm not capable of getting a passing mark in the exam. 

Fifthly, I go through the "my family is about to kill me" period. Everyone gets tired of all the drama I create around an exam. So, my not so lovely family starts to tell me what I should or shouldn't do. 

Sixthly, I go through the "YOLO" period. I take a very negative attitude towards the term test. So, I find myelf going out with my friends at times in which I should be reading and trying to enjoy "the moment". 

Finally, I go through the "I don't have time" period. The day before the exam my brain starts working. So, I start reading and writing summaries of the most important facts of the subject. 


  1. Wow! Some of your stages are very similar to Emiliano's... maybe you can get together and create a cure to this recurrent procrastination problem! ;-)


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