Animal Farm

My favourite book is Animal Farm. I used to read it when I was a kid all the time. However, when I grew up I could tell this book was connected with many historical events. Besides, It made me think about the natural behaviour of humans beings. In one way or another, this book opened me eyes. I started to be more critical towards political parties, and people in general. Moreover, Napoleon speeches and the way  they change throughout the story,  improved my “reading between lines” skills. This book is, beyond doubt, one that has had a strong impact in my life. There’s a before and after reading this book. However, my biggest complaint about the story is that animalism principles are shown as some sort of utopía which at the end fails. But the very first part in the book shows how animals could gathered to make a rebellion.  So, even though Napoleon completely betrayed the animals, there could have been a different outcome if Snowball hadn’t gone to exile. What I mean is that not all a…

Who says learning Spanish is easy?

Spanish is a very difficult Language. Don't you think? LOL

I found a girl's comment on Duolingo talking about her experience learning Spanish. Take a look..

STAGE 1:¡Qué guay! This is the stage where everything is just simple, guay, fun, and basic. You can't believe you already know so much, and neither can you believe that you hablas español! Even though you'd never admit it, you think you're pretty cool. You just want to show off to everyone, and text your friend saying "buenas noches, amigo". STAGE 2¿Qué? Hoooold up. What is that? So wait, wait. Yo soy, and yo estoy = I am? I can omit the subject? What the heck is going on? Why are there two "verb to be's", two "what's" two "for's". Why, why, why? Why is this language so complicated? Oh well, let's just wait. Buenos noches, amigo Send text. Oh, that's right, "buenas noches." This is going to be hard. Stage 3:Todo está bien =) Let's admit it, t…

Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret internal language

All right, don’t panic, but computers have created their own secret language and are probably talking about us right now. Well, that’s kind of an oversimplification, and the last part is just plain untrue. But there is a fascinating and existentially challenging development that Google’s AI researchers recently happened across. You may remember that back in September, Google announced that its Neural Machine Translation system had gone live. It uses deep learning to produce better, more natural translations between languages. Cool! Following on this success, GNMT’s creators were curious about something. If you teach the translation system to translate English to Korean and vice versa, and also English to Japanese and vice versa… could it translate Korean to Japanese, without resorting to English as a bridge between them? They made this helpful gif to illustrate the idea of what they call “zero-shot translation” (it’s the orange one): As it turns out — yes! It produces “reasonable” tra…

Experiences: Term Tests

Hello guys! I want to share with you my experience with term tests. Most of you already know me, but those who don't I hope this description helps you to know me better. 
Well, you should know that I go through different stages. 
Firstly, I go through the "I still have time" period. Whenever a teacher tells us the date of the exam I tell myself "I have like two months to prepare myself for the exam".
Secondly, I go through the "denial" process. I start looking for excuses so as to avoid my resposabilities. I know I have to study a lot. That's why, I start doing other things. Maybe one day I wake up and realize how fond I am of chinese literature ahhaha. 
Thirdly, I go through "I hate my life" period. I usually get angry with myself because I never do things in the right time. 
Fourthly, I go through the "I will quit this subject" period. At this moment, my self steem is very low. I repeat myself over and over again that I'…



Social Justice

Guys! How are you doing? I've found this seminar on facebook and I really like it. However, I'd like to know your thoughts.

Select a target task and develop your own instructional sequence using this six- step procedure as a model.

Step 1 The teacher will start the lesson by asking students about their favourite country in the world. Then, the students will read brief descriptions about the most amazing countries to visit. They will underline all the adjectives with green pen. Step 2 They will watch short videos of famous youtubers talking about their own countries.  The students should take down notes of the most important facts.   Step 3 The students will have to choose a description from step one and a video from step two so as to compare two countries by using the vocabulary from the previous activities. Step 4 The students will write short descriptions about their own countries.  They are free to choose the perspective they want to develop in the description. For example, some can talk about football, others may want to talk about music. Step 5 The teacher will start a video call in class with someone from a different country. In doing so, the students will have to use the target lang…