Animal Farm

My favourite book is Animal Farm. I used to read it when I was a kid all the time. However, when I grew up I could tell this book was connected with many historical events. Besides, It made me think about the natural behaviour of humans beings. In one way or another, this book opened me eyes. I started to be more critical towards political parties, and people in general. Moreover, Napoleon speeches and the way  they change throughout the story,  improved my “reading between lines” skills. This book is, beyond doubt, one that has had a strong impact in my life. There’s a before and after reading this book.
However, my biggest complaint about the story is that animalism principles are shown as some sort of utopía which at the end fails. But the very first part in the book shows how animals could gathered to make a rebellion.  So, even though Napoleon completely betrayed the animals, there could have been a different outcome if Snowball hadn’t gone to exile.
What I mean is that not all animals would have stood in two feet. Besides, Napoleon would have never been able to carrying on such horrible things (yeah, I can’t overcome Boxer’s death) if he had had a real opposition.
The final message of the story is that power corrupts. But from my point of view, the rebellion failed because there was no democracy in the farm. No way to control Napoleon’s actions. I strongly believe that the rebellion could have had a different turn around if the animals had organized in more farms under democratic and fair rules.


  1. Oh! Animal Farm! This book is one of its kind. Animal Farm also reminds me of a book called "Zoo" written by James Patterson (because of the rebellion and all that). I love it. Nice post, Gus!

  2. Boxer shouldn't have died!
    Great book. Have you read 1984?

  3. I love this book!! But I'm not as optimistic as you in thinking about the "ifs" that might hae made the rebellion succeed... I think that human nature is very tricky and that people who want to be in positions of power tend to be corrupted or corruptable... And honest, hard working people tend not to be interested in power....

  4. Great book! it's a pity to see how power can blind people


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