Select a target task and develop your own instructional sequence using this six- step procedure as a model.

Step 1
The teacher will start the lesson by asking students about their favourite country in the world. Then, the students will read brief descriptions about the most amazing countries to visit. They will underline all the adjectives with green pen.
Step 2
They will watch short videos of famous youtubers talking about their own countries.  The students should take down notes of the most important facts.  
Step 3
The students will have to choose a description from step one and a video from step two so as to compare two countries by using the vocabulary from the previous activities.
Step 4
The students will write short descriptions about their own countries.  They are free to choose the perspective they want to develop in the description. For example, some can talk about football, others may want to talk about music.
Step 5
The teacher will start a video call in class with someone from a different country. In doing so, the students will have to use the target language in order to ask that person about his/her country. Moreover, they will have to talk about the place where they live.
Step 6
 The students will discuss in class about how their perception of a certain culture has changed.


  1. Very interesting! There are a few things to discuss...we'll do that on Thursday!


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