Who says learning Spanish is easy?

Spanish is a very difficult Language. Don't you think? LOL

I found a girl's comment on Duolingo talking about her experience learning Spanish. Take a look..

STAGE 1: ¡Qué guay!
This is the stage where everything is just simple, guay, fun, and basic. You can't believe you already know so much, and neither can you believe that you hablas español! Even though you'd never admit it, you think you're pretty cool. You just want to show off to everyone, and text your friend saying "buenas noches, amigo".
STAGE 2 ¿Qué?
Hoooold up. What is that?
So wait, wait. Yo soy, and yo estoy = I am?
I can omit the subject?
What the heck is going on? Why are there two "verb to be's", two "what's" two "for's". Why, why, why? Why is this language so complicated?
Oh well, let's just wait.
Buenos noches, amigo
Send text.
Oh, that's right, "buenas noches."
This is going to be hard.
Stage 3: Todo está bien =)
Let's admit it, the whole ser vs estar thing hadn't been that confusing, and you've wrapped your head around it pretty quickly. You still mess up por and para, but you're getting there. You don't even know why you ever confused qué and cuál. Now it's time to get those conjugations drilled into your brain, then todo will estar bien ;) (BTW, you can't wait till you're able to say that in Spanish)
Stage 4 Ayúdame
So, last night, you've finally decided to get a language partner. You've been doing great . . . until you slipped up and made a mistake, saying sabo instead of . You both laugh, and you correct yourself, then tell your language partner that you're embarazado.
Your partner is stunned, and your cheeks can't stop getting redder. What did I say wrong? ¡Ayúdame!
Thankfully, your partner bursts out laughing and tells you that you just said you're pregnant.
Dios mío.

You excuse yourself to the bathroom.
That's the last conversation you two have ever had.
Stage #5 Ya no puedo más
Spanish is hard. I can't. Too many conjugations, too many irregular verbs. The past tense? Don't even get me started. I give up. I quit.
Espera un minuto y déjame llorar . . . sniff sniff . . .
Stage #6 Tal vez . . . no es tan difícil
You look at your tree, take a deep breath, and start again. This time, you think, I'm going to do it! I'll learn Spanish! You get back to learning and studying and you're more serious than ever. Your cerebro hurts, and quieres dormir but that doesn't matter to you. Not until you can read that novel you just bought. You're determined, and you're not going to give up.
Stage #7 LO HE HECHO
Wow, you can't believe you've ever even thought about giving up. Spanish is such a beautiful and rich language, and guess what? You speak it! YOU. SPEAK. SPANISH. That golden tree looks so good you could just keep staring at it all day.
You pick up the novel and read it. Of course, you have to stop every now and then to look up a word in your dictionary, to think of the grammar, to think what the heck? but it doesn't matter.
¿Por qué? Porque lo has hecho, enhorabuena ;)


  1. I've already seen the video. I love that girl and her dancing haha and I loved the post. It must be really hard indeed


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